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Civil Lawyers in Montreal

At Azran & Associates, we take care of all files regarding general civil litigation, whether they include the civil liability of an individual or a breach of contract. Each Azran & Associates civil lawyer is qualified in civil law to listen to your needs and guide you through the mechanics of the judicial system.

Here are some of the aspects of civil law that our law firm in Montreal covers:

• Defamation and reputation damage
• Class actions
• Information and privacy
• Privacy violation
• Contractual and extra contractual liability
• Professional and medical liability
• Unfair competition
• Injunctions and seizures
• Actions on account and damages
• Breach of contract
• Consumption

An Azran & Associates civil lawyer effectively manages negotiations and drafting of agreements for all cases. We provide expert advice on how to proceed in your unique situation and ensure that your rights are respected. You don’t need to worry because a civil lawyer in Montreal is with you every step of the way, in the court as well as outside of it.

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