Information Technology Law

Information technology law of social media and digital (cyberspace)


Whether you are a business, an individual entrepreneur or a simple citizen, our law firm in Montreal will be able to offer you appropriate solutions and astute advice on issues related to Digital Law.
Our field of expertise includes:
1) The Law of Technology and information:
– Life Cycle of the electronic document: storage and transfer on different media;
– Data Protection and access to secure information
– The responsibility of content exchangers: intermediaries, hosts, content providers;
– Electronic signature and data encryption;
– Tl in the work environment;
2) E-Commerce Law
– Electronic contracts (contracts concluded at a distance);
– Online Consumer Protection
3) Social Media and Cyberspace
– Freedom of expression
– Protection of private life online;
– Defamation and the impairment of reputation;
– The use of social media in the work environment;
4) Cyber Crime
– Computer hacking;
– Intrusion into the network: Theft of data, money;
– Social hacking: theft of private information;
– Crimes of a sexual nature

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